Photo by Nozomi Fujimura

ハンディキャップヨガ ジャパン

_V0A8572.JPGハンディキャップヨガ ジャパン 画像


things you can do


Yoga is a very personal and proactive physical and mental practice.Just like individual person’s face and figure are all different, everyone has different yoga approach.
Do not worry too much about poses and forms but try to find a lot of “things you can do”
now even if you havedifficulties in moving your body.
The body and soul are not two separate elements but are one thing.....
When you feel comfortable, your body is comfortable as well.
Get rid of any reserve and try to move as you like.When you can do that, the pleasure and comfortable feeling of yoga will no doubt bring you a smile.


Handicap yoga is a registered trademark
(obtained the registration on Feb. 21, 2014 No.5650075).
When you use it, please describe it as “Handicap yoga Ⓡ.”

Translated by Kuniko Kitamura